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The Duke Canine Cognition Center is one of the world’s most prestigious dog laboratories, but you’d never know it from the looks. Located at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, it’s just three small rooms in the subbasement of the school’s Biological Sciences Building, a faded red-brick structure that stands in a clump of similarly nondescript buildings on the west end of campus. My tour of the facility — a modest lounge, a barren rectangular room, and a narrow alcove filled with cabinets — took all of about thirty seconds. It turns out you don’t need much to probe the secrets of the dog’s mind.

I had come here to witness the final stage in the transformation of our pets from wild animals into family members. Dogs and cats may have entered our homes, but there’s still so much we don’t know about them. Are they as smart as we…

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i run away from you because i’m scared,

scared i will fall for you again,

afraid that i cannot handle the immense love 

you are always willing to give me


never have i had such love,

and for me

the only logical thing to do

is to run away


it has always been my reflex,

to run away

whenever i feel a shroud of care

and love, i start to run


now i end up lonely

with this frigid locked up heart

that was broken too many times

still re learning how to love and trust

March 28, 2014// Friday

Screenshot from my iPhone video of The 1975 singing Chocolate

Screenshot from my iPhone video of The 1975 singing Chocolate

Believe it or not, Aly and I were able to fit a talk in school, a Captain America 2 screening in Greenbelt, and The 1975 mall tour in Glorietta within a day. It did involve a lot of running, which got unsolicited attention from shoppers. It was fun, and exhilarating nonetheless.

Talk on Investing in Stocks

Being Finance majors, we needed to attend a talk in school about stock market investments. Certain tips were given to us, and I hope this will help you as well.

Think Long Term

The stock market may be fluctuating in the short run, but when on looks at the bigger picture it is actually ascending. For example, one may have invested during 2005; and in 2008, everything was down. However, if he held unto his stocks until 2014, it would have increased substantially. The key is investing now, to take advantage of this growing market and reap the returns in the long run.
Be Disciplined

One must always have a fall back plan, and diversifying risk is the key to this. One must not “put all his eggs in one basket.” An investor should have a balanced portfolio containing (mostly) both stocks and bonds. This also entail the responsibility of knowing the company one is investing in.

Don’t Be Emotional
(it will be hard to explain this since I am overly emotional, but I’ll try)
As I understand it, a decline should not prompt one to instantly pull back ones stock, and vice versa. It was also enumerated in the talk certain emotions that one should control, namely: fear, despair, hope, and greed.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The first movie was good, and the second one is just as good! Being a superhero movie, I love how they were able to inject humor into certain scenes. Chris Evans was phenomenal; he is the perfect actor to portray Captain America. Along with its wondrous effects, surprises are about to unfurl without anyone noticing… Spoiler: I loved all the cameos!

The 1975

It was my first time to watch a  mall tour, and this one did not disappoint even though we were only able to catch the last four songs. The last time I have been in a concert was three years ago, and I almost forgot that live music makes my soul exude euphoria. My favorite tracks from their album are Chocolate, Girls, and The City.
Their music was even more beautiful live. I hope they come back again soon. :)

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I have mentored, counseled, encouraged, discouraged, hired and fired hundreds of people over the past 25 years. Oftentimes failure is less about a lack of talent or ability, and more about self sabotage. These are frequent road blocks I see in people, myself included.

1. You are lazy.

Most of us default to indolence. We take the easy way. We get comfortable. We like a routine. This may be fine for 90%. If you are reading this, I suspect it’s not fine for you. So get off your ass and get started.

2. You lack focus.

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You start out great. You spend thirty minutes of uninterrupted time putting together a plan, making a list, and polishing your resume, so you decide to take a break. You check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, your friend’s blog, Game of Thrones, iTunes, etc. and two hours later you’re…

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In line with World Spay Day, the organization where I volunteer, Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA), held a Charity Kapon, where free spay and neuter operations for cats were granted to deserving cat owners and rescuers. You may ask, “Why is there a need to spay and neuter pets?” Here are reasons why (which I lifted from here):

It’s Healthy for your Pet

  • Spaying and neutering helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives.
    Altering your feline friend will increase his/her life an average of 3 to 5 years. Altering your canine friend will increase his life an average of 1 to 3 years.
  • When your female cat goes in heat she will roam the neighborhood and be an easier target of many serious diseases that may be caught by getting in contact with tom cats. There are various diseases that can be easily be caught by bites. Because tom cats give a “love bite” when they copulate, if the bite is given with too much passion it could transmit deadly disaeses such as FIV and FELV.
  • Spaying eliminates the possibility of uterine or ovarian cancer and greatly reduces the incidence of breast cancer, particularly when your pet is spayed before her first estrous cycle.
  • Neutering eliminates testicular cancer and decreases the incidence of prostate disease.
  • Sterilizing your cat or dog makes him/her a better pet, reducing his/her urge to roam and decreasing the risk of contracting diseases or getting hurt as they roam. Surveys indicate that as many as 85% of dogs hit by cars are unaltered.

Spaying or Neutering is also good for you

  • Spaying and neutering makes pets better, more affectionate companions.
  • Neutering cats makes them less likely to spray and mark territory.
  • Other than your cat meowing desperately looking for a mate, you will have to deal with the long line of Tom cats presenting to your door. An unaltered female cat does not need to look far to find a mate, her cries and her urine smell are sufficient to make her the most popular cat in town. Spaying your cat stops such behaviour.
  • Spaying a dog or cat eliminates her heat cycle. Estrus lasts an average of six to 12 days, often twice a year, in dogs and an average of six to seven days, three or more times a year, in cats. Females in heat can cry incessantly, show nervous behavior, and attract unwanted male animals.
  • Unsterilized animals often exhibit more behavior and temperament problems than do those who have been spayed or neutered.
  • Spaying and neutering can make pets less likely to bite.
  • Neutering makes pets less likely to roam, run away, or get into fights.
  • Spaying and neutering can eliminate or reduce the incidence of a number of health problems that can be very difficult or expensive to treat.

It is good for the Community

  • In the Philippines there are cats on nearly ever street corner trying to survive; lets not add to the over animal population.
  • Irresponsible breeding contributes to the problem of dog bites and attacks.
  • Animal shelters are overburdened with surplus animals.
  • Stray pets and homeless animals get into trash containers, defecate in public areas or on private lawns, and frighten or anger people who have no understanding of their misery or needs.

Aside from the Charity Kapon, we also conducted a Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) - the only method proven to be humane and effective at controlling the feral cat population. Using this technique, all the feral cats in a colony are trapped, neutered and then returned to their territory.

The whole day was dedicated for this cause, and it was made successful by the volunteer vets, CARA officers, and CARA members. Here’s a photo of the collaborative and hard working team.

With the volunteer vets and volunteers

A team comprised of vets and volunteers

The spayed/neutered cats were brought to the recovery area where we listed down the details about the cat i.e. his location, color, if with ear notch. We usually let them sleep for 30 minutes; if they don’t wake by then, we have to pet them in order to wake them up. Most of them are uneasy on their first hour after surgery, it actually depends on the cat; but we observed that male cats are able to recover quickly than females.

A cat at the rehabilitation area

A cat at the rehabilitation area

While waiting for the other cats to be operated, we wandered around the cattery playing with the other cats who are up for adoption. These cats are featured in the adoption gallery of CARA’s website. I also got to play with Akihiro or Aki, who was rescued in the Makati Interchange. He was extremely skinny, and feral; his now white fur was once gray, even nearing black. You can’t help but smile when you see him now! A CARA officer, who made possible this wonderful transformation of Aki, eventually adopted him. Success stories like these make my heart grow a thousand times.


Akihiro or Aki


Posing with Aki!

For more information about this animal welfare group, please do visit our website or like us on Facebook.

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I don’t care who think you are. I don’t care that you’ve been in the limelight for over eight or 18 years now. I don’t care how many followers you garner on Twitter, nor do I care how many venues you’ve previously sold out. I don’t care that you’re Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, or even Beyoncé.

Tickets to see you live and in concert should not cost my college tuition.

I work hard for my money, as hard as the next desperate college student. I work long shifts, deal with rude costumers, and, generally, have better things I could be doing with my life, like sleeping or watching Netflix. I work hard and, for the most part, I don’t enjoy spending the money I’ve slaved away for.

What makes it okay to charge that much for your concert? How do you sleep at night, knowing you’ve…

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Your presence brightened my every minute
Our conversations got me through the day
Your smile etched in my mind for weeks
Your encouragements made me better by the months
But why can we only have a year?

Your laugh deduced me into jelly
Your beautiful mind blew me away
Your passion captured my heart
All my nerve endings came alive when we touched
But why did our relationship became asymptotic?

It’s Valentine’s day, so I made an 8tracks playlist of my favourite love songs. Hope you’ll enjoy!



A heart warming post to start the week.

Being a fan of How I Met Your Mother, I always watch the latest episodes as soon as it comes out; it’s my weekly comedy fix. The latest episode not only brought laughter to my week, but also beautiful music.

This song opened me to a different aspect of French culture. The melody and the lyrics are simply beautiful; Edith Piaf’s singing was perfect. The song depicts how life is made worthwhile once a person learns how to give and accept love. Here is the English translation of the lyrics that I found.

Hold me close and hold me fast
The magic spell you cast
This is la vie en rose
When you kiss me, Heaven sighs
And though I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose
When you press me to your heart
I’m in a world apart
A world where roses bloom
And when you speak
Angels sing from above
Every day words
Seem to turn into love songs
Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be
La vie en rose
I thought that love was just a word
They sang about in songs I heard
It took your kisses to reveal
That I was wrong, and love is real
Hold me close and hold me fast
The magic spell you cast
This is la vie en rose
When you kiss me, Heaven sighs
And though I close my eyes
I see la vie en rose
When you press me to your heart
I’m in a world apart
A world where roses bloom
And when you speak
Angels sing from above
Every day words
Seem to turn into love songs
Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be
La vie en rose

While listening, I also stumbled unto different French songs.

Life is beautiful if only one knows how to appreciate.


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