The other day, my mom and I were in the car on my way to school and her to work. We often play music from her iPod, and take turns in choosing. It was my day to choose, and I came across this song that I haven’t listened to in months. This song demanded to be played, Β so it ended up going on repeat throughout the car ride.

The line that struck me most was, “a decade went by without a warning.” Time goes by quickly, as if Β looking at a bubble fade away into the sky. While reminiscing, a smile keeps creeping unto my face; I am thankful for both the good and the bad. Even at the foolish ‘mistakes’ I have done, for every thing we do constitutes for the present that we are now living so it’s not really a mistake but a lesson.Β There will always be a point in our lives where we go, “it seemed like it was yesterday.” Nostalgia gives me that beautiful ache in the heart as if I want to stay there forever, yet I wake in this dream and feel more hopeful than ever for what’s in store for my numerous tomorrows.

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